Dear Parents

At Flying Colors we have been successfully educating Pre-K students since 1961, for 57 years and counting. With so many years of experience, we have gained a very good perspective on the best techniques to teach the foundations of early learning for young children. Our program has been highly successful throughout the years, however due to the new open enrollment for three and four year olds at EPISD we feel compelled to highlight why Flying Colors is a much better program for your child.

The most important thing to keep in mind when teaching young children is that children below the age of five learn through play. It is crucial to have the proper resources, equipment, schedules, and teachers to target different types of learners, always keeping in mind that teaching through play will be most effective. Ninety percent of everything a person will learn throughout their entire lifetime he/she will learn before the age of five. This fact is so often overlooked when it should be the first thing to consider when choosing a Pre-K program for your young child.

Basic needs are still essential for children at ages three and four to have a positive learning experience. Being well fed, rested and free of stress are vital for young kids to be able to learn. To ensure these needs are met we provide home-cooked meals, nap time and a team of staff who feel more like family. We strive to offer an environment that is clean, comfortable, bright, full of toys and activities to engage the children’s interest.

Here are the top ten reasons why Flying Colors Pre-k Program is the best choice for your child:

  1. One school, one class, one teacher, one set of friends, and no stress.
  2. Structured learning through play in the morning AND afternoon
  3. No transportation worries
  4. Daily contact with teacher to discuss child’s progress and resolve any concerns quickly
  5. Clean, age appropriate facilities with large playgrounds
  6. Home-cooked, kid friendly meals with plenty of time for eating
  7. Daily nap time for sleeping to give their little bodies renewed strength
  8. Well trained staff and Lead Teachers with a Child Development Accreditation
  9. Developmental Assessments and Report Cards to track child’s progress
  10. Fun field trips every semester to compliment curriculum


Flying Colors