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"I've had my children here for 5 years. It is a wonderful learning environment, and ALL the teachers have been fantastic. And the children are very happy!"

Paola L.

"Flying Colors has all kinds of programs and enrichment activities, so it is like a school. The teachers are all really awesome, and they teach the kids, and treat them like they're their own."

Karen R.

"Flying Colors is really more geared to teaching the children and education. I had him at another center that really didn't have the consistency and curriculum that this place does."

Jaclyn G.

"They really have an amazing staff! They are all just wonderful! One thing that really makes Flying Colors unique is their excellent communication skills! I appreciate the daily reports they give you!"

Bonnie D.

"Awesome experience for the children. The grouping of the children is appropriate for their abilities and activity levels. This makes for a much happier atmosphere. Great family feel here! A+!"

Vince B.

"I have had my three children there for a period spanning at least 5 years. So my children have had experiences with every teacher there. And they have all been absolutely wonderful! They're great!"

Amy J.

"We knew exactly what we were looking for, and found it all at Flying Colors. Miss Diana is always there to address any problems or concerns. We've had our two kids there for 3 years now and we love it"

Frank P.

"Ms. Edna is a fantastic teacher! And the staff is amazing and very responsive to any needs/concerns. They treat each and every child as an individual rather than just a number."

Teresa J.

The staff here is awesome! And that was the most important thing to me. And besides being a great place for my child to thrive, they have great security protocols. If a grandparent or anyone besides myself needed to pick up my child, they would not release them until they got ahold of me on the phone first. Really great place.

Cristina A. - Redd Rd El Paso, TX

Originally I brought my two children to Flying Colors because they were the only center at the time in my area that was open in the summer. Over the years I have become very pleased with that decision. Is Diana is such an awesome director. She really stays on top of things and I love my daughter's teacher Miss Gloria. She is so excellent accommodating her special needs, and the Fantastic Communicator. Anyone thinking of having your child as flying Colors don't hesitate... This is a great place to have your children educated and cared for in an environment in which you can really feel safe.

Arielle W. - Redd Rd El Paso, TX

Ms. Veronica is phenomenal with my twins! I just love her. My oldest child recently "graduated" from Flying Colors. A friend of mine referred me here about 5 years ago. And I have been very pleased with the personalized service and attention each child gets. The staff quickly notifies me of any issue that arises. And they know all the children really well. Wonderful learning center!

Molly D. - Redd Rd El, Paso TX

My son has been coming to Flying Colors since March of this year. He just Loves his teacher Ms. Edna. And he is learning something NEW everyday!.. I know it is a bit more expensive than other places. But that's because this isn't just a "daycare". Rather, it is really a "Learning Center". And the staff here does Amazing work...My son's vocabulary is so On Point. And when he first started they got him potty trained in just One week! I have recommended Flying Colors to my friends and I recommend them to you too!

Rachel N. - Redd Rd El Paso, TX

My son was born premature and has some developmental delays. I used to have trouble just getting him to use the bathroom and utensils properly. But on the very first day he came to flying colors I took him back home back when they were on Salem, they had him using the bathroom correctly on the very first day and eating with a spoon! I absolutely love this place. I have actually had three children here. And all of them were very advanced when they entered school. Besides the academics, my children just love coming here. If it's a day off from school my daughter asks me if she can go to daycare lol. This truly is a Learning Center that will help your child grow socially as well as academically.

Deja H. - Dyer St. El Paso, TX

Before my daughter started coming here she was just not very sociable and didn't know how to react other children in many different situations. Flying colors has been such a help to her social development and she's also learning a lot academically too.

Mike B. - Dyer St. El Paso, TX

Six years ago I had my daughter start at Flying Colors when she was one years old. And Miss Ceci was awesome....taught her sign language and so much more. The learning and socialization opportunities and environment here is fantastic. My son opened up a lot when he started with Miss Melissa. I'm so glad my son is going to the same school as his big sister started about 5 years ago. They are great!

Valerie A. - Dyer St. El Paso, TX

My girls love it here. There is never a day they cry because I'm leaving them. Thanks to the awesome staff!!!

Mari C. - Montwood Dr. El Paso, TX

My 4 children come here and loved it. I started bringing my kids here as my brother recommended this place. And this really is a very good Learning Center.

Britney A. - Montwood Dr. El Paso, TX

My littlest one has really improved since I've been taking her to Flying Colors. When she started, she hardly spoke at all. But now that she has been going there for a short time, she has really come out of her shell! I love the teachers here, they're all good. This really is a great school... Not just a daycare.

Berenice L. - Montwood Dr. El Paso, TX